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Planning out the future of the built environment

From siloed to seamless

LMG provides the framework for a new generation of connected buildings

Optimising the built environment

LMG is your trusted global partner for digital transformation within buildings

Bringing together business minds and intelligent buildings

LMG has a proven track record in transforming the built environment through an innovative process of building digitisation. For over 30 years, we’ve gained unique insights into the relationship between a building’s ICT infrastructure, connected services, space and the demands of its occupants.

Today, the vast majority of building services are internet protocol (IP) enabled and delivered via a local area network. At the same time, building automation systems and IT services have converged, creating the Internet of Things (IoT) and new possibilities for building intelligence, cost reduction and improved operational performance.

These exciting possibilities bring a growing need for improved communication and collaboration. Now that all building services and communications share a common infrastructure, they not only offer many cost and efficiency benefits but also generate multiple, intricate complex interdependencies. These need careful, constant management – especially during periods of change.

With all this clearly in mind, LMG has developed a portfolio of smart building solutions and services that take a seamless approach to designing, building and managing contemporary real estate, across office buildings, hotels, homes and data centres.

Our expertise, experience and innovative technology put us in a strong position to help reinforce the ever-tightening relationship between organisations, their buildings and their people.

An international presence

LMG is part of the LanTro Global Alliance Partnership (LGAP) – a $400m global organisation and the largest voice and data cabling contractor alliance worldwide.

LGAP partners have access to a vast global network to deploy best-in-class solutions. They’re able to provide consistently high quality resources, at a predictable lower cost, under a single SLA schedule anywhere in the world. This avoids the risk and expense of contracting unknown, unproven local organisations.

For companies with an international portfolio, LGAP allows LMG to deliver identical rollouts in multiple locations across the globe – giving you peace of mind that your services are aligned from London to Singapore and beyond.

Our services and technologies

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