Sound and Vision – bringing space to life with AV equipment

Given that AV equipment is so central to modern office spaces, it is interesting to note that the people using ...

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Building smart, scoring smart

We’ve talked previously about the need to engage a master systems integrator (MSI) in order to create buildings that are ...

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Smart buildings and the need for a Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

It takes brains to create smart buildings. From initial design and planning — to installation, commissioning, integration and operation — ...

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Enhancing the guest experience

The importance of the guest experience touches every aspect of hospitality and hotel brands. And while customer service, good food ...

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Positioning paper

Laying the foundations for the future built environment

LMG enables developers, occupants, and contractors to unleash the full capabilities of IP-based networks and digital transformation in the built environment.

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Research report

The Way Forward

The Way Forward offers property developers and and corporate COOs advice on creating smart, connected and multi-use workspaces that will meet their occupants’ rapidly evolving requirements.

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