Everything is a flex-working space – or very soon will be

If we had a pound for every time we saw the terms ‘flexible working’ or ‘hybrid working’… well, we’d all ...

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Putting AV security in the spotlight

After the past year, there is increasing agreement around the need for property owners and developers to repurpose and create ...

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Smart buildings need smarter security solutions

Physical security has long been a priority in the commercial real estate sector, one that has only been heightened by ...

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The future of the office – the office is dead, long live the office

The future of the office has been one of the main talking points of the past 12 months. In many ...

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Positioning paper

Laying the foundations for the future built environment

LMG enables developers, occupants, and contractors to unleash the full capabilities of IP-based networks and digital transformation in the built environment.

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Research report

The Way Forward

The Way Forward offers property developers and and corporate COOs advice on creating smart, connected and multi-use workspaces that will meet their occupants’ rapidly evolving requirements.

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