What we do

Transforming the built environment

LMG is on a mission to fundamentally change the built environment by developing and harnessing the technologies that will unlock its full potential.

In a real estate industry too long governed by convention, we need to make buildings better – for their owners, their users and the environment. But we can only do this by disrupting the status quo — through enabling true innovation and having the courage to lead the industry in a new direction.

As experts in smart building technology we want to inspire new ways of thinking, deliver excellence and establish new models for doing business – with people, partners and customers – built on trust and shared interests, not transactional relationships.

We are setting a new standard for what is possible in the built environment.

Our Values

Take Ownership and Responsibility

We find creative solutions to complex problems, ensuring successful outcomes for both our customers and our business. We are problem-solvers, confident in our ability to get things done to the highest standard. We see problems through to the end, never saying "no".

Our Values

Be Curious

We aren't here to do things the way they've always been done. Our commitment to change means that we use new technologies and ways of thinking to raise the bar, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our Values

Do the Right Thing

We put ethical, sustainable and transparent business practices at the heart of all we do for the good of our people, customers and planet.

Our Values

Do a Great Job

We prioritise great outcomes, underpinned by operational excellence.
We always go the extra mile, with a desire to achieve and deliver more through continuous improvement and process enhancement.