What we do

Transforming the built environment

LMG is on a mission to fundamentally change the built environment by developing and harnessing the technologies that will unlock its full potential.

In a real estate industry too long governed by convention, we need to make buildings better – for their owners, their users and the environment. But we can only do this by disrupting the status quo — through enabling true innovation and having the courage to lead the industry in a new direction.

As experts in smart building technology we want to inspire new ways of thinking, deliver excellence and establish new models for doing business – with people, partners and customers – built on trust and shared interests, not transactional relationships.

We are setting a new standard for what is possible in the built environment.

Our Values


We think in terms of broad horizons – with a desire to achieve more, change more and deliver more in everything we do. We don’t limit our business, our customers or our people.

We strive to make a real impact and are passionate about making change happen. We don’t want anyone on our team to be happy taking a back seat.

Our Values


Our commitment to change means what we do is constantly evolving, driven by our appetite to keep learning and stay informed.

We take every opportunity to learn more about our industry, our customers, and their customers, because it’s only with this knowledge that can we deliver the best outcomes.

Our work reflects our knowledge, our experience, and our openness to new ideas. We aren’t here to do things the way they’ve always been done – we want to change the world.

Our Values


We are problem-solvers, confident in our ability to get things done. We accelerate projects, rather than hold them up with needless bureaucracy.

Our experience means we know what has to be done, but it also gives us the confidence to challenge our partners and customers to do things differently.

We pride ourselves on being hands-on, practical and honest – through a team of empowered people who work with autonomy; because that’s best for everyone.


LMG’s culture of collaboration fosters more natural relationships with the customer and partners involved in delivering a project or a service – we are all one team, working towards the same goal.

Our job is much more than fulfilling basic contractual obligations. We’re not just a supplier, we’re a strategic partner with the experience, knowledge and skills to advise and guide projects to achieve the best outcomes.

Making a difference

Empowering our people to take the road less travelled and trusting them to take risks is the way to deliver excellence, create change and move the industry forward.

Helping our people to fulfil their potential and pursue their own ambitions is at the heart of LMG achieving its own goals.

By giving them autonomy, being agile and rewarding proactivity, our people have the opportunity to steer the future of building technology and truly make a difference.

Developing talent

As an accelerator for the use of technology within the built environment, we place a big premium on ability, not longevity. We are about pushing talent forward, not holding it back.

Our innovation in training and our work to develop accreditations that are fit for the demands of modern buildings means we are building a uniquely qualified team, able to deliver on the most innovative and ambitious projects and support services.