LMG’s inbuilding Location Based Services (iLBS) solutions, such as Select IQ, create a ‘world of invisible buttons’ which provide the platform for a range of workplace mobile apps, improving the workplace experience of both staff and visitors, including; health & wellbeing, way-finding, locating key members of staff and virtual concierge services.

At the same time, they provide business intelligence (WorkSpace IQ) which enables organisations to continually align their work and meeting room space with their business needs and those of their customers – reducing total cost of occupancy, improving the user experience and optimizing business productivity.

LMG can implement iLBS using our unique range of technologies including WiFi triangulation, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) trilateration, or combinations of several technologies. Their respective suitability depends on the specific customer requirement.

WorkSpace IQ

WorkSpace IQ is LMG’s occupancy monitoring and analytics app that enables Corporate Real Estate managers to monitor and visualise the utilisation of their entire estate in incredible detail – as if they were physically present everywhere, all of the time.

Select IQ

Select IQ is an advanced space allocation, iLBS and employee engagement app for enhancing the desk/meeting room booking and visitor management process. Select IQ optimizes the experience of both staff and visitors and assists the adoption of alternative workplace strategies and activity based working, reducing total cost of occupancy and delivering significant improvements in occupant satisfaction and business productivity.