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LMG launches ‘SenseIQ’ — an integrated IoT services solution for smart buildings

SenseIQ enables organisations to connect and unify buildings with people and technology, achieving maximum visibility of key building data such as occupancy, air quality and power usage

LMG, the building transformation specialist, today announces the launch of its complete IoT services solution, SenseIQ.

This integrated solution includes installation and maintenance of:

  • a wide range of physical sensors
  • wireless gateways
  • Cellular or LAN based backhaul connectivity
  • a cloud-based software platform for analysing and visualising the data in real time over a 3D building render

A wide variety of physical sensors feed into IoT gateways, centralising the data either on the user’s network or on the cloud. This allows building owners to monitor temperature, humidity, indoor air quality (IAQ), zone by zone power usage, as well as occupancy and space utilisation via a variety of IoT sensors. The SenseIQ hardware – sensors, gateways and backhaul connectivity – is simple to install and seamlessly integrates with the cloud-based software.

Providing a cohesive interface for SenseIQ, LMG’s software platform is designed to provide an accessible intuitive dashboard for users — allowing them to analyse, view and manage all building data from one central hub, controlling all of their IoT inputs from a web browser or a mobile app. The software is also able to integrate with users’ existing building management applications, to ensure a unified, connected operation throughout the building.

The SenseIQ dashboard is built around a detailed 3D render of the user’s building, allowing maximum visibility of every data point from every device, in every location. This data provides complete clarity as to how the building is performing against certifications, such as the WELL Building Standard, in real time.

Mike Hook, Executive Director at LMG, comments: “Demand for the insight into building performance that IoT tech provides is growing rapidly in the aftermath of the pandemic. Both landlords and tenants need to be reassured that their workspaces are healthy, safe and sustainable, and with the recent unprecedented increase in energy prices, are performing as efficiently as possible. However, it’s very easy for building control and maintenance to become siloed and disconnected, thereby wasting resources, money, energy and ultimately ruining the experience for occupants.

“That’s why SenseIQ is designed as one simple, complete package, focused on hard commercial and UX benefits. It’s all about saving building owners and operators time and money, and allowing them to make better decisions for their spaces and occupants in the long term.

“Our software, powered by IM&M, places enormous data analytic capability at your fingertips — without the restrictions of technical and installation complexity. It’s sophisticated enough, for example, to provide a cost-per-desk breakdown of energy usage in any given area. And yet, it’s accessible and flexible enough that a layperson can easily navigate the dashboard and gain immense insight into how the building is performing, in real-time. SenseIQ is entirely scalable, offering as much or as little detail as you need.”

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