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LMG Paves the Way as Founding Member of Digital Buildings Council

LMG is proud to announce that we will be a founding member of the Digital Buildings Council (DBC), an initiative developed to transform and grow the digital building industry. 

The DBC is a not-for-profit committee dedicated to collaboration among industry experts, developing and sharing best practices, and providing sustainable solutions to address the evolving needs of the digital building industry. 

With key stakeholders from across the smart building ecosystem, the DBC will tackle critical issues head-on, driving change and delivering tangible benefits to the smart building market in the UK and beyond.  

From building owners and landlords to project managers and cost consultants, the DBC invites all industry leaders to join us in shaping the future of the built environment. 

“If the digital building market is going to fulfil its full potential, it is incumbent on us all to provide our customers with guaranteed smart outcomes and a compelling return on investment.” Mike Hook, Co-owner & Director, LMG.