A generational shift for owners and occupants

Not all buildings are created equal. IP-based networks have the potential to rapidly digitise the built environment – from campuses, offices and retail stores to hotels, hospitals and datacentres.

This exponential increase in information is extremely powerful. It allows cross-referenced insights from multiple sources that enable predictive maintenance, optimised use of space and resources, and hyper-personalised experiences.

LMG maximises the potential of the IoT-enabled built environment.


  • Real-time reporting and management tools – WorkSpace IQ and Select IQ – allow for better utilisation of space and greater automation of building systems
  • Create smart workspaces by enhancing user experiences, improving productivity and promoting wellbeing
  • Optimise space utilisation/occupancy rate by leveraging real-time MI


  • No one-size-fits all solution – complete flexibility to deliver bespoke services down to individual/occupant level in buildings
  • Consumer model provides the type of space and services users want – on demand – via Interactive Space Scheduling systems (desks, rooms and services)

Safety & Security

  • Fully certified to NSI Gold standard for security system installation and maintenance
  • Seamless service brings together both physical and cyber security in one solution – no need for multiple providers