Simplifying and de-risking projects for contractors

As building specifications advance to meet the demands of the modern marketplace, the opportunity to encounter on-site technological and physical risk increases greatly. It’s essential that contractors are able to take projects from inception to completion with clarity and confidence, ensuring minimal risk is incurred along the way. To de-risk projects, both main and fit out contractors need one central point of accountability. LMG underwrites the technological and associated financial risk by ensuring multi-system interoperability and eliminating scope gaps. Additionally, the expertise and experience of our engineering staff helps keep your site safe, secure and running effectively.

LMG de-risks your project and lowers cost by providing a single, reliable point of service.

  • Offsite prestaging/assembly minimises volume of on-site engineering staff
  • Prestaging also minimises the risk of programme delays – reducing risk of client claims
  • Decreased risk of physical and cyber security breaches
  • Consolidated 1st /2nd fix and integrated management prelims, reduce cost and maximise productivity and effectiveness
  • Enhanced inter-work package communication, cooperation and
    collaboration (along with our construction technology experience and knowledge) reduces programme risk
  • LMG underwrites technological risk by ensuring multi-system interoperability and eliminating scope gaps