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LMG can also offer a long-term managed service – delivering all building IoT infrastructure on an ‘as a service’ basis.


Fully break down all siloes by allowing LMG to take full control of all implementation and ongoing maintenance/servicing of your building’s tech infrastructure.

Reduce the cost barrier to technology upgrades/improvements by adopting the provision of all technology requirements on an ongoing monthly OPEX model – charged on a per room basis.

For building owners and users, remove all risk of obsolescence with full auto-refresh of all equipment to ensure you always have the most up to date equipment to maintain the longevity of your infrastructure.

By giving you full data visibility across all your systems we also ensure that building owners can make better decisions on how to use their facility and lower maintenance costs.

Find out more about how our OPEX business model applies to commercial offices download our proposition to see how LMG can help you create compelling, flexible workspaces fit for the future.