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Service support models

LMG’s service delivery and support models reflect the key stages of a smart building’s lifecycle:

Design and build

Our ability to design, install, integrate and support multiple technology systems, such as cabling, LAN and wireless networks, BMS, CCTV, access control, lighting and AV under one design & build contract sets us apart from the competition.

Typically, these elements are procured individually as disparate packages which often leads to interoperability and integration issues, reducing the scope and value of the resulting management information. By taking complete ownership of all elements of a project, LMG can technically and commercially underwrite everything and be the glue that brings all the moving parts together to ensure a working end-to-end solution is handed over.

By putting everything in one place — no disparate, disconnected siloes, where installation and management are split via separate specialist contractors — property owners, developers and contractors get one point of contact, one point of billing, one point of reporting and, crucially, one point of accountability.

We work in close partnership with both main and fit out contractors to deliver an optimal installation while minimising site disruption and delays. LMG’s unified model strips away all the potential layers of complexity to simplify and de-risk deployments in one easy step.

Through LMG’s design & build service you benefit from the provision of interoperability assurance and validation; full security assurance and penetration testing; coordinated delivery of individual smart building systems onto a single, integrated network; and the delivery of a consistent, integrated management platform.

Find more information on how our design & build services work for commercial office owners and operators by downloading our workspace proposition.

Flexible support and maintenance services

LMG’s range of technology infrastructure support services and maintenance contracts can be applied to one or multiple technologies. In one single visit, our UK-wide team can perform a full range of support tasks — such as BAU installations, moves adds changes (iMAC), planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and break fix works.

Our service provides a support model that is flexible to your future and legacy needs. We help lower your management overheads by reducing the number of services providers you need to manage and reduce service cost through one coordinated team supporting multiple technologies – avoiding duplicated effort. Ultimately, you get a far higher quality of service with rapid fault detection and resolution; fewer ‘hand-offs’ to third parties; minimised mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR); and improved SLAs.

On-demand support services

LMG’s service contracts often do not have a dedicated site team. Most are serviced remotely, as required, via our centralised pool of multi-skilled technicians. This model is generally used to provide PPM and break fix services but can also be used by large customers who want the assurance of a framework agreement without the associated commitment to keep dedicated resources fully employed on site.

Our service model leverages an integrated suite of asset, connectivity and drawing data to massively improve support triage and build a platform to supply on-demand support services for connectivity (wired and wireless) and IoT/smart building technology.

A robust and proven process

With a well-defined process and clear routes and toolsets to document, monitor and manage systems across many FM and IT silos, our service model provides:

  • Centralised service management

    Delivering detailed reporting and liaison on all aspects of the SLA driven service — including reviews, proactivity, visibility and service evolution.

  • Remote intelligent service delivery

    Part of LMG’s service desk hub, our intelligent remote support resources provide a low-cost response for remote diagnostics.

  • Centralised service desk & operational monitoring

    A global 24/7 service desk for intelligent incident handling across all technologies. Incident information is augmented with asset, location and connectivity data and managed accordingly.

  • On-site intelligent service delivery

    Flexible multi-skilled technicians with access to transport and materials to attend as necessary to fix incidents or complete requests across all technology streams e.g. cabling, network, physical security and AV.

Traditional on-site managed services

For high-value, long-term contracts — such as for data centres or multi-site enterprise campuses — LMG can provide a dedicated core team on-site with the skillset to deliver any required ICT/IoT service scope.

Our fully adaptable service structure helps clients to reduce costs, whilst delivering consistency with respect to workflow and automation — all based on a model of accountability, transparency and efficiency.

We can deliver a full end-to-end service, including all BAU and small project provisioning and incident management requirements. We also have the proven management structure, with the HR and TUPE experience to ramp up resources and toolsets to deliver against rapidly changing scopes of work.

Through our on-site managed service we deliver:

  • Fixed resource service team for management of day-to-day onsite ICT/IoT work delivery
  • Access to LMG’s proprietary online service delivery reporting dashboard
  • Complete SLA-based supply chain management
  • Automated online procurement through LMG’s online quoting and costing system
  • Proactive cost avoidance e.g. stock utilisation savings