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Optimising every aspect of your technology environment begins with bespoke, global project delivery, often serving as a dedicated master systems integrator (MSI). This extends to comprehensive post-installation management, support services, and ongoing maintenance. Our approach ensures landlords can maximise the potential of their properties, all underpinned by an efficient and effective service desk tailored to their unique needs. Simultaneously, we empower tenants with smart, responsive environments that elevate their operational efficiency and well-being.

Master Systems Integrator (MSI)

With over 35 years of expertise in smart building infrastructure, LMG uniquely enables landlords to de-risk and standardise smart building deployment as a Master Systems Integrator (MSI). This ensures their projects achieve desired outcomes and maintain the highest quality standards without compromise or cost overruns.

Our suite of pre-defined and pre-verified solutions guarantees compliance with building performance benchmarks like SmartScore and WELL2, specifically tailored to enhance property value and attract premium tenants, all delivered at a guaranteed price.

Design and Build

At LMG, we’re raising the bar on project delivery by seamlessly integrating design, installation, and support for technology streams, including; IT cabling, networks, BMS, electronic security, IoT, and AV and smart building software into one comprehensive digital platform.

Our approach allows us to streamline management and minimise risk, offering a singular point of contact, billing, and accountability. This ensures property projects are not just connected but also future-proofed, simplifying complexity for owners and developers alike.


LMG’s support model seamlessly blends future-ready flexibility with our expertise in managing both new and legacy systems. Our centralised service desk, coupled with intelligent remote diagnostics, ensures efficient, cost-effective support.

Our technicians are available 24/7, ready to provide on-demand or on-site technical assistance across all our technology streams, ensuring first-time incident resolution. Following successful design and build projects, we offer comprehensive IT/OT service delivery, streamlining operations to reduce costs and enhance service quality.

Embracing a strategy that reduces costs and risks while ensuring consistency, LMG stands as your partner for secure, sustainable, and superior digital spaces, raising the bar for service delivery without compromise.