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Supporting the future of the data centre industry

This week, we were able to finally announce our involvement in an initiative which we’ve been eager to share, due to the huge impact we feel it will have on both society and the data centre industry.

LMG has been selected as a partner for the brand-new Digital Futures educational programme for 14-19 year olds which is launching this year at the University Technical College (UTC) in Heathrow.

The programme is the first of its kind and will be focused on the digital infrastructure and data centre industries, aiming to give students the knowledge, skills, contacts and tools they need to develop long-lasting technical careers in the data centre industry.

We are in good company as a partner on the course – with Virtus, Amazon Webs Services (AWS) and CyrusOne among other well-known brands also involved in the programme. Our role will be to provide practical advice, in-business experience and mentorship to the students – giving them the support and insights they need to succeed in their course and beyond into their working lives.

The UTC is doing incredible things to support and develop individuals who may not be suited to a traditional academic path. Working with the UTC and ‘doing our bit’ to support young people and contribute to their technical education is hugely important to all of us at LMG. We work in an industry which is sadly suffering from a skills shortage and it’s vital this is addressed quickly in order to secure the future of our industry.

Data and digital infrastructure’s importance will continue to increase and is vital for everyone’s future – the sector is growing rapidly and will continue to do so as all businesses realise and harness the massive importance of data and analytics. However, the significant lack of new recruits looking to work in the industry is a significant barrier, and is why schemes like the Digital Futures programme are so crucial.

Being involved in the programme gives us a chance to directly help solve this issue by lending our expertise and experience to these young people; it’s our way of helping them to establish their careers but it’s also a way of securing the future of our business and the sector as a whole.