The Way Forward: where is my business?

LMG’s The Way Forward report highlights the need for property developers and building owners to create smart, connected and multi-use infrastructures, that enable their buildings to become flexible, intelligent spaces which can adapt and evolve to whatever situation or necessity arises.

There is the opportunity, to transform the workspace completely. And now is the time, despite and even because of the challenges we face, to take this opportunity with both hands – but are you in the ‘not now’, ‘soon’ or ‘no need’ camp?

This short progress test will help show you where you are and give you your own bespoke advice on next steps.

  1. Question one
    Are you currently reconsidering the role or strategic value that office space / commercial real estate plays in your business?
  2. Question two
    Which of the following steps would you consider as part of updating your real estate strategy?
  3. Question three
    What are your timescales for making changes to your real estate portfolio/strategy?