WorkSpace can reduce costs by:


Can reduce your WorkSpace requirements by 25%


Reduce inefficiency by 30%, through better use of meeting rooms and hot desk arrangements.


Reduce total cost of occupancy by 20%.

As well as successfully delivering large IT infrastructure projects, we specialise in seamlessly bridging the gap between construction and a working business environment. LMG’s project management team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver, integrate and synchronise every aspect of the transition. Our range of intelligent building services will help you reduce cost and risk – and give your building the best possible start in its operational life.

One of our core strengths is designing and delivering high-performance, highly resilient copper and fibre ICT cabling infrastructures.

The increasingly rapid evolution and adoption of power over Ethernet (POE) based technology has made the choice, design and deployment of ICT cabling infrastructures more critical than ever before. As well as providing support for high bandwidth applications such as 10GBaseT, and ensuring noise immunity, contemporary Category 6 and Category 6a cabling infrastructures must support ever-increasing power requirements such as UPoE (60w) and HDBaseT (100w). Our Construct team has the necessary design and installation experience and skills to ensure that your chosen cabling infrastructure provides optimal levels of not only bandwidth, but also power and thermal performance.

To further optimize quality and performance, we have invested heavily in our integrated pre-termination facility and manufacturing processes, which use Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to create bespoke, pre-terminated fibre optic and copper cable assemblies. Buildings of all sizes can benefit from the pre-termination of ICT cabling by reducing deployment times, waste and materials.

Our Construct cabling teams control the project management and documentation process through Insight IQ, our online service dashboard. As well as being a highly effective project management tool, it gives our customers full, round-the-clock visibility of any project’s status, documentation and procedures.

Connect IQ, our automated infrastructure management system, enables customers to visualize the physical location and connectivity of all intelligent building sub-systems and their associated assets. This BIM-derived data can be directly integrated with enterprise computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) systems, greatly enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Power, monitor and control all your building services sub-systems, from physical security systems and power management to digital signage and audio-visual equipment, through a single, dedicated, power over Ethernet (POE) building services LAN. By installing both the LAN and a universal cabling infrastructure during the construction phase, we can help you reduce your installation timescales and overall power requirements, as well as costs and risk. A coordinated, integrated approach to sub-system deployment will also mitigate the risk of conflict between systems and guarantee interoperability.

We can provide a single infrastructure to link together campus and remote environments, giving an extended workforce access to corporate resources – wherever they work, on any device. As a partner of Aruba Networks we have completed rollouts of more than 800 WiFi access points in multiple countries. With WiFi services that include project management, network design and engineering, RF tests and site surveys, and access point installation, we will integrate a WiFi network into your current LAN as well as installing all necessary equipment and certifying its operation. All cabling and power runs will be provided and tested before the installation of access points.

Having recently completed a migration for 6,000 users from a traditional phone system to VoIP telephony, LMG has the key technical skills and project management experience to manage major telecommunication changes. As well as helping minimise disruption for users and workspaces, we are experts at gathering user requirements and translating them into an executable plan. We will also prepare your physical infrastructure to accept the new hardware, providing new cabling and patching.

Meeting all the physical security requirements of modern buildings, our IP converged SMS portfolio provides a proven, integrated solution for multiple security sub-systems, enabling security staff to efficiently monitor and manage all alarms and events. Our portfolio includes physical access control systems, CCTV, intruder alarm detection, IP audio and video intercom and BMS integration for alarm reporting.

LMG’s building performance LED lighting solutions can power, control and communicate with LED fixtures via integral high-density sensors that connect directly to a building services LAN. Saving up to 75% of the energy used by traditional fluorescent lighting, they also capture important environmental and motion data that can be used by other sub-systems and workflow tools to improve space utilisation, increase productivity and reduce long-term costs. Through lighting policies such as daylight harvesting and follow-me lighting, facilities managers can also customize their lighting environment.

LMG provide an extensive portfolio of video conferencing and audio-visual solutions & services. We are highly experienced in the delivery of a wide range of multi-room, multi-source audio-visual systems, lighting and video conferencing platforms. Our AV solutions include; video conferencing to single or multi room environments, interactive AV providing intuitive remote operation of equipment and digital signage. We can also deliver HD feeds to any location or device via the Building Services LAN.

Space & Desk Scheduling: Using our Select IQ application we enable traditional meeting room management and hot desk reservation systems with real-time, automatic arrival and departure notification so that authorised individuals can access the right space at the right time seamlessly without the need to ‘check-in’. With a “time out” function returning unused rooms or desks to the pool for reallocation, the use of a room can also be monitored – for real-time environmental control and insight into the best configuration of space for your business.

As your building becomes a fully functioning workplace, make sure its infrastructure and systems keep reaching their potential and operating with maximum efficiency. Through our managed services and tools we can offer a seamless transition from project management to everyday operational support, using BIM insight from the construction phase to improve productivity and minimise future costs.

LMG can provide a complete range of cabling, support, equipment installation and move and change services to support your day-to-day ICT requirements. These include: workstation equipment installation; survey, auditing and asset tracking; capacity planning; workstation and equipment relocation; and on-site and call-to-site repair services.

Configured to your own specific support service, our secure online service performance and documentation dashboard will help you monitor the quality of our service and control costs. With the dashboard’s in-built procurement tool, you can request quotations, place orders and track their progress online, whether for a few patch cables or additional services from LMG.

With an enhanced computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) online tool and extensive workspace management experience, we can seamlessly manage and track space, technology, energy usage and people to help you make best use of your buildings. Generating accurate, real-time data that cuts out the need for costly, time-consuming manual surveys on workspace use, the tool can help reduce total cost of ownership and improve departmental space charging and forecasting processes. Specialist functionality includes: people and asset tracking and viewing; moves and change planning and management; space allocation and recharging; strategic accommodation planning and occupancy management; meeting room and hot desk management; and CAD scenario management.

We can supplement your existing asset management system (AMS) with our own tools, using BIM data to help manage changes to your infrastructure and track assets in a fully joined-up, coordinated and intelligent way. This could involve maintaining the integrity of your master equipment list and its documentation and providing your AMS with the necessary accurate information to execute change, maintenance, service requests and repair tasks. From keeping equipment and desk inventories and reconciling data with financial records, to managing new equipment requests, decommissioning and disposals, our services can help you optimize space, reduce costs and improve vendor management and process consistency.

Under a comprehensive support agreement we can manage the maintenance of your building services LAN and all its IP sub-systems, including AV, SMS and building performance lighting.

With pre-agreed pricing and guaranteed service levels, we can create a customised service bundle that meets your specific needs as an organization. Making it easier for you to build, manage and deploy ICT infrastructure and equipment. An LMG framework agreement is ideal if you don’t need permanent onsite support but want a high-quality, consistent service.

Our advanced space and facilities management tools provide the business intelligence necessary to get the best from your building and operational environment on an ongoing basis.

WorkSpace IQ is LMG’s integrated, intelligent building management solution. It enables corporate real estate (CRE) managers to monitor the performance of their entire set of workspaces – as if they were physically present everywhere, all of the time. Using real-time business intelligence data, derived from intelligent building sub-systems, WorkSpace IQ ultimately allows organisations to make the most efficient use possible of their spaces, assets and resources.

With WorkSpace IQ, CRE managers can track their assets and users in a geospatial context as they move around and interact with building services, whether by entering a building, logging on to the corporate network or using a printer, meeting room or cashless payment service. Over time the data gathered helps build a highly accurate picture of how a building’s space and occupancy, energy and resources are used – and how that use can be improved and streamlined.

Key features

  • Dashboard and reporting functionality, for a real-time, detailed view of how efficiently space and occupancy, assets and resources are used – down to the individual desktop or service point
  • Integration with network authentication tools to associate users with IP devices and desks
  • Automated reduction of energy consumption, through geospatial awareness of areas not currently in use
  • Identification of “sad spots” – areas or desks that are seldom used or could be used more effectively – or the need for more desk or room capacity

Key benefits

  • Can reduce workspace requirements by up to 25%
  • Increases room and desk use by up to 30%, reducing real estate costs significantly
  • Cuts energy costs by more than 30% by monitoring and controlling how, when and where energy is consumed
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Helps enhance the working environment, employee satisfaction, productivity, retention and recruitment

Making it even easier to do business with LMG, we have designed Procure IQ to complement every level of service we offer – from providing a few patch cables to managing a major fit-out. The application enables you to easily and securely configure quotations, place orders and track their progress online.

Key features

  • Service catalogue for standardised products and schedule of rates
  • Costing and quotation system
  • Service level agreement monitoring for service and product availability
  • Comprehensive historical volume reports by department, product and services

Key benefits

  • Streamlined procurement of commonly used IT products and services
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Consistently high IT standards and no renegade purchasing
  • Better cost centre and budget control

Move IQ is a communication and reporting tool for managing the entire move, add and change (MAC) process. Driving down costs as a result, it ensures consistent procedures for capturing and managing MAC information to ensure that people and IT assets are moved quickly and accurately.

Key features

  • Automatic pre-move population of asset & connectivity data
  • Dynamic updates for all parties involved in a move
  • Centrally controlled change freezes
  • Automatic move pack creation, updates and distribution
  • New asset, connectivity and location information auto-update
  • Comprehensive move and cost analysis reporting

Key benefits

  • Move costs reduced by 20%
  • Improved service performance & accuracy
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Greater cost transparency and accountability

As the IP device discovery (IPDD) audit module of Connect IQ, Discover IQ enables real-time checks and balances to be automatically carried out and compared against documented connectivity records. Any discrepancies are located, captured within reports and scheduled for further investigation and rectification.

Key features

  • IPDD technology for automatically locating, tracking and monitoring assets and their physical connectivity
  • Highly accurate, real-time data on device usage and connectivity

Key benefits

  • More efficient and productive processes for change, capacity, asset and incident management

Considering that workspace typically accounts for a significant amount of recurring operational costs, realizing significant cost reduction hinges upon optimising the use of the workplace through effective and efficient space scheduling and management.

This requirement has led to LMG developing an advanced space scheduling and allocation app, Select IQ, which can be integrated with all leading room and desk booking applications to optimize the workspace allocation process. Deploying Select IQ enhances the adoption of alternative workplace strategies and activity based working, reducing total cost of occupancy and delivering significant improvements in staff productivity.

At the heart of Select IQ, is a powerful resource capacity management engine that maximises the utilisation of key resources by automatically and scientifically determining the optimal workspace allocation for individual members of staff during the provisioning process. Select IQ achieves this by allocating the available workspace and resources that are a best fit for the user’s business unit, role and the tasks in hand.

Key advantages

  • Real-time, quantitative BI on user and departmental demand for space by type, configuration and resources.
  • LMG’s embedded WorkSpace IQ inbuilding GPS technology identifies no-shows, enabling seamless reallocation to the resource pool – improving utilization efficiency.
  • Desk ‘hoggers’ – individuals who under utilize the allocated space – can be identified and offered alternative options.
  • User satisfaction ratings provide space planners with real-time, qualitative BI by building, floor and space type, providing a continuous Post Occupancy Evaluation.
  • Advanced analytics offer a detailed understanding of historical utilisation performance and current trends. Alerts can be initiated to identify seasonal variation or when and where occupancy thresholds are likely to be breached.
  • Provides a vehicle for user feedback on the quality of the workspace’s environment conditions, enabling selective fine-tuning and hence the opportunity to reduce energy costs.

The provision of intra-building location services enables managers to quickly locate key members of staff (fire marshals, first aiders etc), lone workers and critical assets, greatly enhancing operational efficiency and improving general wellbeing.

Connect IQ documents the entire physical infrastructure of your building or data centre, including connectivity, enclosure space and physical devices. By delivering infrastructure intelligence to the right place in the right format it will help you get greater value from the working environment.

Key features

  • Visualisations of circuit traces, enclosure elevations and dashboards for capacity data and historical trends
  • Automated work order generation and allocation them to the appropriate technician
  • Mobile application for field technicians

Key benefits

  • Underpins and optimises infrastructure management systems and workflow
  • Automatically plots the most efficient cable routes
  • Ensures patching integrity

Insight IQ is a secure, online performance and documentation dashboard, which we specifically configure to your service contract with LMG. At a glance, you will see performance statistics relating to your service, with easy access to a comprehensive library of historical service and tracking reports. Alongside the statistics and reports area there is a live, shared documentation library that stores all documents relating to areas from construction and design to policies and quotations.

Key features

  • Configurable key performance indicator (KPI) status for contracted services
  • Near real-time data updates accessible anytime, anywhere
  • KPI alerts for service level breaches
  • Email push to customers on red status items
  • Reporting and trending tools

Key benefits

  • Reduces the time taken to access service-related data
  • Enables you to react quickly to deteriorating service performance
  • Supports informed decisions, based on relevant, up-to-date information

Centralised storage for:

  • As-built drawings and test results
  • Warrantee certificates
  • Resource team charts, on-call information and escalation paths
  • Quality procedures, risk and method statements
  • Health and safety documentation

Using our Select IQ application we integrate meeting room management and hot desk reservation with physical access control and network authentication systems, so that authorised individuals can access the right space at the right time with the swipe of a card or by logging on to the network. With a “time out” function returning unused rooms or desks to the pool for reallocation, the use of a room can also be monitored – for real-time environmental control and insight into the best configuration of space for your business.