WorkSpaceIQ is LMG’s integrated, intelligent space utilisation analytics solution which enables you to maximise the efficient use of your workspace, assets and resources.

Using our unique range of technologies, WorkSpace IQ has an unrivalled capability to provide you with a detailed, real-time view of how efficiently your space, assets and resources are being used; when, where and by which team or role (whilst protecting the privacy of the individual), down to the individual desktop or service point, even in a agile working environment – as if you were physically present everywhere, all of the time.


WorkSpace IQ can help you:

  • Significantly reduce workspace requirements by 25% or more
  • Increase room and desk use by 30% or more, reducing real estate costs significantly
  • Reduce energy consumption through geospatial awareness of areas not currently in use
  • Reduce soft services and energy consumption through restricting access to certain areas at identified periods of low demand for space
  • Reduce carbon footprint through more efficient use of space and related services
  • Enhance the working environment, employee satisfaction, productivity, retention and recruitment in conjunction with LMG’s In-building Location Based Services solutions such as Select IQ


  • Easy to use web portal for Business Intelligence
  • Insightful dashboards and reports
  • Identification of “sad spots” – areas or desks that are significantly underused
  • Multiple data sources for enhanced accuracy
  • No impact on IT infrastructure
  • Highly cost effective
  • Optional workplace consultancy via LMG’s specialist partners


Whist WorkSpace IQ is a proven solution for monitoring space utilisation and generating easy to understand analytics, we understand that no two customers have identical requirements and circumstances so we do not try to ‘shoe horn’ a particular technological approach where it doesn’t fit, or where it will not be most cost effective.

Instead we gain an in-depth understanding of your priorities and circumstances and propose a technological architecture for the WorkSpace IQ solution which will provide maximum benefit at the lowest possible cost.


WorkSpace IQ collates and processes large volumes of data derived from the behaviour of your employees, guests and visitors as they interact with your facilities. This can include mining data from intelligent building sub-systems including: access control systems, network authentication logs, people counting cameras and PIR sensors. WorkSpace IQ can also utilise sources of inbuilding Location Based Services such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). In fact any combination of these technologies can be used depending on your specific requirements and best fit for your corporate culture.

The resulting Business Intelligence is presented via web portal in a range of easy to consume dashboards, heatmaps and reports, configured to your precise requirements.