Bringing together business minds and intelligent buildings

The global property market was already on the brink of a sea-change in the way buildings are constructed and inhabited. And this has only been accelerated by COVID-19’s reinforcement of the need for better quality, safer, healthier, more human-centric buildings with technology at their core. LMG is at the forefront of this evolution: enabling developers, occupants and contractors to unleash the full capabilities of IP-based networks and digital transformation within the built environment.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we understand our customers’ unique market challenges and are a trusted global partner in providing the framework for designing, building and managing fully integrated IoT-enabled buildings.

Our innovative process of building digitisation draws on unique insights into the relationship between a building’s ICT infrastructure, connected services, space and the demands of its occupants — to enable exciting new possibilities for building intelligence, cost reduction, enhanced health & well-being and improved operational performance.

Our expertise, experience and innovative technology put us in a strong position to help reinforce the ever-tightening relationship between organisations, their buildings and their people. LMG is truly laying the foundations for the future of the built environment.

From Siloed to Seamless

Today, our seamless delivery model helps leading global organisations design, build, support and manage their space, systems and infrastructure. LMG provides the framework of connectivity needed for healthy, safe and inspiring workplaces, efficient data centres and comfortable homes.

We’re vastly experienced across a wide range of sectors, with a deep understanding of industries including, financial services, co-working, technology, communications, government, hospitality, residential and media.

Our goal is to make buildings fully digital, interactive spaces that are optimised for productivity, wellbeing and comfort beyond what we can possibly imagine.”
Mike Hook, LMG

Stripping away complexity

Network, devices and service management are all delivered via a single supplier across entire multinational estates: one point of contact, one point of billing, one point of reporting and crucially – one point of accountability. With our unified model, we strip away all the layers of complexity, simplify deployment and de-risk management in one easy step.

LMG is your trusted, global partner in providing the framework for fully integrated IoT-enabled buildings.

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The foundations of the future

Safety and wellbeing
LMG delivers occupant experiences that support a safer, happier, healthier more productive workforce
LMG increases the value of your property and helps reduce operating costs
LMG provides an ‘all-in-one’ deployment of network, devices and service management
LMG maximises the potential of the IoT-enabled built environment
LMG’s ongoing services keep your estate at the cutting-edge for its entire lifecycle

An international presence

LMG is part of the LanTro Global Alliance Partnership (LGAP) – a $400m global organisation and the largest ICT infrastructure contractor alliance worldwide.

LGAP partners have access to a vast global network to deploy best-in-class solutions. They’re able to provide consistently high-quality resources, at a predictable lower cost, under a single SLA schedule anywhere in the world. This avoids the risk and expense of contracting unknown, unproven local organisations.

For companies with an international portfolio, LGAP allows LMG to deliver identical rollouts in multiple locations across the globe – giving you peace of mind that your services are aligned from London to Singapore and beyond.

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