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Industry-leading expertise in five technology pillars: physical IT, networks, electronic security, AV and and IoT, all unified by our unique smart building software platform.

Physical IT

IT cabling infrastructure is fundamental to fully realising the potential of IP-based networks – it enables our tech, construction and support teams to optimise their delivery processes, while also reducing financial and technological risk.

At LMG, IT cabling has been a core competence for over 30 years. And this experience in extensive copper and fibre systems – deployed across a wide range of environments – has given us unique insights into construction and operational support processes.

Comprehensive cabling infrastructure and support models provide the solid foundation upon which our IoT-enabled services thrive.


An integrated and robust platform is crucial when creating an efficient and effective ‘smart’ building network. LMG’s local-area networks are primarily comprised of a high bandwidth, fault tolerant switching fabric.

In addition to providing the backbone of our physical security and audio visual workstreams, they can be also extended to incorporate voice, WiFi, and in-building cellular networks.

Our networks and intelligent support services provide the framework for advanced data analytics that improve building performance, agility and efficiency. This not only increases the value you get from your building, it also in enhances the occupant’s comfort and productivity.

Electronic Security

LMG’s NSI Gold accredited physical security services includes the deployment of CCTV, access control, ANPR, intruder detection and intercom systems as well as comprehensive ongoing support.

We’ve delivered security and credential management solutions to the enterprise, education, hotel and residential markets – as well as to vital environments including airports and data centres.

And our streamlined delivery and support model seamlessly combines physical and cyber security into one integrated solution – you no longer need the complexity of multiple providers.

Audio Visual

LMG provides a comprehensive portfolio of professional audio and visual solutions. This portfolio includes all leading industry control platforms – Crestron, Extron and QSC – in addition to video conferencing, IPTV, space scheduling, digital signage and Fibre Optic Integrated Reception Systems (FIRS).

Our in-house programming capabilities allow us to integrate room control systems seamlessly with BMS and LED lighting control platforms.

Crucially, our capabilities – both in deployment and support – allow us to implement custom user apps that provide long-term optimisation of the user experience – creating a ‘world of invisible buttons’.

IoT Sensor Networks

Building IoT (BIoT) is on the rise as business owners and users increasingly expect smart features for building and occupant monitoring, management and control.

LMG’s specialist BIoT proposition, SenseIQ, involves installing, connecting and maintaining a specialist package of sensors, wireless and wired gateways, PoE switches and a cloud-based software platform to centralise and unify IoT features in smart-enabled buildings.

Our IoT gateways support a wide range of wireless and wired sensor protocols which can be deployed rapidly, meaning our customers are not restricted in their choice of sensor technology.