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Leading the way in environmental excellence

LMG is proud to publish our 2023 Environmental Report and Carbon Reduction Strategy, aimed at minimising our operational impact on the environment. This strategy sets a benchmark for our emissions, charting a focused path towards our sustainability ambitions through carbon offsetting and reduction.

Committed to genuine environmental stewardship, we rigorously measure and analyse our emissions to pinpoint improvement areas, driving us towards innovative solutions that effectively decrease our carbon footprint without resorting to green-washing.

By leveraging technology, software, and services, LMG is pioneering new benchmarks in efficiency, sustainability, and user experience. The release of our Environmental Report is a critical milestone in our commitment to sustainability, encapsulating our dedication to ethical, sustainable, and transparent operations for the benefit of our community, clients, and the planet.

“Aligning our actions with our core values is key to proactively reducing our environmental footprint.” Mike Hook, Director