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SenseIQ: An integrated IoT services solution for smart buildings

With the rapid changes we’ve seen in the commercial real estate market over the last few years – transitions that are still not fully resolved – building owners and operators are constantly looking for ways to improve the performance of their buildings. However, this is not a simple task. Building ‘performance’ is a multi-faceted thing.

Of course, building performance relates to the need to deliver a safe and comfortable environment for tenants. It also relates to the need to deliver exceptional and attractive experiences to occupants – services like digital wayfinding and desk booking are increasingly expected. But ‘performance’ also means ensuring that space utilisation is optimised and that buildings are running as efficiently as possible.

These objectives are often overlapping and interlinked – and there is no shortage of technology vendors and service providers who claim to be able to help. However, as building owners attempt to navigate this environment and make strategic decisions about their spaces there is something that is, all too often, glaringly absent: real-time data and insights that gives owners a true view of the operation of their building.

For all the talk about smart buildings, the IoT and even technologies like BMS, it is still very common for building performance data to be disparate, siloed and difficult to analyse. As a result, answering some fairly simple questions can be incredibly difficult for building owners to answer: Is my building meeting expected environmental standards? Are meeting rooms being used as I expected? Where and how is my energy being consumed? Would it be better to increase/decrease the number of desks on a floor?

A new solution is required

Giving building owners the information they need to manage their buildings more effectively requires a new solution. Essentially, they require a new data ‘layer’ to be woven into the fabric of their buildings.

That’s where SenseIQ comes in.

SenseIQ provides an all-in-one, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective, fully integrated data service – to give building owners maximum visibility of key building performance data, including occupancy levels, indoor air quality, and power usage.

SenseIQ is made up of four key technology components:

  • A full suite of IoT sensors monitor temperature, humidity, indoor air quality, and power usage, as well as desk and room occupancy in real-time
  • Wireless gateways to collect and transmit the sensor data
  • Cellular or LAN backhaul connectivity to transmit that data to the cloud
  • A cloud-based software platform for analysing and visualizing the data

SenseIQ also comes complete with an intuitive dashboard tailored to each user’s needs. The platform provides a central hub for analysing, viewing, and managing building performance data from a web browser, kiosk or mobile app.

Crucially, the SenseIQ solution has complete implementation flexibility. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing network infrastructure. Alternatively, if preferred, it can be delivered as an entirely standalone solution – giving building owners get access the data they need, but without needing to alter their existing IT infrastructure.

The benefits of SenseIQ

The SenseIQ software is built around a detailed 3D render of the building, providing maximum visibility of every data point from every device in every location. The dashboard heat maps and alerts give real-time insight into how the building is performing against certifications such as the WELL Building Standard.

The solution is sophisticated enough to provide a cost-per-desk breakdown of energy usage in any given area and yet, a layperson can easily navigate the dashboard and gain real-time insight into building performance. SenseIQ is entirely scalable, offering as much or as little detail as needed.

SenseIQ offers a wide range of benefits to building owners and operators, including:

  • Assurance that workspaces are healthy, safe, and sustainable, performing efficiently as intended
  • An integral desk booking and auto check-in app that improves the occupant experience and enhances productivity
  • A simple way to avoid siloed and disconnected building control and maintenance
  • An integrated solution that saves time, money, and resources

In short, SenseIQ is the solution you need to make better decisions about managing your buildings and to provide the experiences your building users expect. The solution delivers hard commercial and UX benefits without any worries about technical or complex installation issues, providing a clear path to rapid ROI.

With its all-in-one IoT services, real-time data insights, and bespoke dashboard, SenseIQ gives you the information you need to keep your building performing at its best.

Contact us today to learn more about how SenseIQ can benefit your building.