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Sound and Vision – bringing space to life with AV equipment

Given that AV equipment is so central to modern office spaces, it is interesting to note that the people using a building generally only notice it when something goes wrong.

Exceptional AV experiences have simply become a regular part of our working lives. This is especially true as many of the spaces we work in have become much more than offices. Particularly in today’s post-pandemic environment, workspaces are places for collaboration and experiences, places to meet, to share ideas and to create.

However, ensuring that AV systems ‘just work’ in the latest workspaces is often easier said than done. AV systems involve complex, technical hardware – but it needs to be installed without compromising the look and feel of facilities. It’s no easy task.

Take for example one of LMG’s recent projects.

Convene, a global workspace and hospitality company, has successfully built a business in the US founded on providing exceptional meeting, conference, and event spaces, complete with seamless AV, IT communications infrastructure, and security systems.

As the company expands globally, it wants to bring the formula that has worked so well in the US, to all its other locations – but adapting the solution to local settings and adhering to regional quality standards.

The company’s newest location, in the heart of London, was no exception. However, with the venue spanning 40,000 square feet and providing spaces for a multitude of workspace and event needs, the build was incredibly complex, spanning different room spaces, sizes and types, over multiple levels.

Ultimately LMG managed and delivered all of the AV requirements for the Convene London project – selecting, installing and overseeing all AV hardware and software throughout the facility. The result has been a space where state-of-the-art AV technology is truly central to the operation of the business and the experience of the building users.

It’s always fulfilling to be able to create spaces that fully bring to life the potential a building has to create meaningful and memorable experiences for the people who use them. However, this project emphasised just how big a challenge delivering a successful AV installation can be.

It’s not simply a case of plugging in the latest gear. It requires expertise in connectivity, networking, and in delivering the installation in a way that is sympathetic to the nature of the building.

As AV increasingly becomes part of the core of our workspaces, the requirement to maintain a seamless balance between sophisticated, aesthetic spaces and specialised equipment is only get more important.

Find out more about our capabilities, and our experience with Convene here.