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5th February 2015

Maintaining a Competitive Advantage

I was recently asked an interesting and somewhat conflicting question: whilst it is generally accepted that information technology is increasingly being used by businesses to create competitive advantage, why is it that the network infrastructure appears to be increasingly viewed as an after-thought and all too willingly handed over to organisations who have little understanding […]

29th July 2014

It’s All About BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a strategic management process – not a 3D CAD tool. It is a holistic approach to the design, construction and management of facilities within the built environment. BIM is held by many as the “Holy Grail” incorporating a fully coordinated 3D model, together with the associated information necessary to mitigate […]

22nd July 2014

BIM + Intelligent Buildings = Smart Outcomes

In its broadest sense, an intelligent building brings together a number of technologies with the specific goal of optimizing operational efficiency and providing an engaging, productive working environment for occupants. Initially, the construction community assumed that providing an intelligent building meant installing a state of the art BMS. In recent times, this has evolved into […]